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James Little at June Kelly Gallery


I went to June Kelly Gallery last evening for the opening of James Little‘s new show, Never Say Never.  James has become a good friend over the years. I first met him in 2009 when working on supplementing a corporate art collection for a  client in Oklahoma City.  I actually discovered James online, via a website called Geoform.  His work was so vibrant and striking that it really stood out to me. We scheduled a studio visit and the rest is history. When we saw his work in person it had a whole other dimension of texture and color that is impossible to represent by photography.

The thing that initially drew me to James’s work is his masterful use of color. I chose to post this new work by James (above) first because it shows a new direction for the artist (a good thing) while also maintaining his ability to make the eye vibrate and play on geometry through the juxtaposition of color. It’s particularly difficult to photograph because the colors are  more subtle and the texture isn’t visible, but in person it’s absolutely stunning.

James Little-JKopening

I wore my new Marni dress to the opening thinking James would appreciate the play of patterns – turns out he dressed up for the occasion too – check out that suit!




James and me

James and me in front of my two favorite new pieces of his.

Karen Wilkin wrote a very eloquent piece on James. I like how she described his new direction, “A meticulous craftsman, he makes his own materials, which may account for the intense hues and sensual surfaces that dispute – in a beneficial way – with his severe, measured compositions. One generalizes about Little at one’s peril, however; a recent group of square canvases with quadripartite divisions ring changes on encounters between diagonal elements and a range of delicate grays. But these works, too, make the same demands on us that his full-throttle color paintings do: to pay attention and allow his inventive orchestrations of geometry and chroma to delight our eyes and stir our emotions and intellect.”  – excerpt taken from James Little: Recent Work by Karen Wilkin, Jan 2013


Greta Magnusson Grossman @ R20


I stopped by R 20th Century on my way home from work for the opening of the Greta Magnusson Grossman show A Car and Some Shorts.  I feel so lucky to have seen some wonderful original pieces in the past year by some of my very favorite furniture designers. I saw a Finn Juhl retrospective in October in Copenhagen at the Designmuseum Danmark, just saw the Eileen Gray show at the Pompidou in Paris, tonight I saw GMG’s show, and very much looking forward to seeing An Atlas of Modern Landscapes, a show at the MoMA on Le Corbusier opening on June 15.

The Greta Magnusson Grossman show has some original drawings and also original furniture (for sale of course, if you’re willing to part with many thousands of $$). It’s on display through June 29.R20-GretaGrossman GretaGrossmanPortrait GretaGrossman3 GretaGrossman2 GretaGrossman1

Eileen Gray at Centre Pompidou 2013

On my way back from the furniture fair in Milan, I took the overnight train to Paris (less romantic than it sounds) so I could see the Eileen Gray show at Centre Pompidou.  In true nerd-form, I spent hours poring over the items on display. It was a Monday morning at the museum and not very crowded. I took photos of everything I was allowed to photograph. Below are some highlights.

DSC02656The Eileen Gray show poster with Calder in the foreground.

The show started with her experiments in lacquer.


Above and below: some of her more decorative, early pieces.




They were showing many of her collages that were studies for rug designs.























Best of Salone de Mobili 2013 – @Fuori



Above and below are images of a new storage collection from Casamania called “Toshi,” designed by Luca Nichetto.   Toshi  is a collection of sectional storage units inspired by Japanese simplicity of constructions forming the skyline.  I really like the subtle colors and different scales of grids on the surfaces of the cabinets.





Below, ClassiCON’s Eileen Gray design reissues – a good preview of the originals I’d see in Paris a few days later…

DSC02321 DSC02319 DSC02320

Below, tables and rugs from MOROSO:

DSC02339 DSC02341

Below, very cool curtains by Petra Blaisse of InsideOutside for Knoll.DSC02363 DSC02375

Below, shelving from Molteni & C.


Jaime Hayon, Konstantin Grcic and the Bouroullec Bros at MAGISDSC02402 traffic01 DSC02398 DSC02397 DSC02399

New sideboard concept from PORRO:

DSC02417 DSC02418 DSC02420

The new Tadao Ando chair for Carl Hansen & Son.


Roll & Hill had a beautiful display

DSC02536 DSC02543 DSC02544




Chromatism Trend

The exhibit designers at this year’s Salone in Milan looked to a spring fashion trend for inspiration (see Gucci’s Spring 2013 runway show).


Casamania was one of my favorite displays at Fuori Salone:


Vitra also had a nice show:



Fab at Most:



The Danish Chromatism exhibit at the Triennale:





Carl Hansen had a beautiful display of the iconic Wishbone chair and all of its components:


Ventura Lambrate 2013

I just returned today from a quick trip to Milan for the Salone, followed by a quick overnight train to Paris to see the Eileen Gray show at the Pompidou. All in all it was an inspiring long weekend trip, and somewhat of a whirlwind.  Here I will post some favorites from Ventura Lambrate, which is a spin off of the main fair, showing younger designers and artists. It’s a nice balance to go between the very established furniture houses at Fuori  and the more conceptual, design driven Lambrate.


I had the pleasure of meeting Sophie and Rolf from Studio Roso. They are sculptors who work at varying scales – here they tried their hand at furniture and came up with some very playful and beautifully crafted pieces.




Showing in the same Ventura Lambrate Warehouse, was this table by Maria Scarpulla:




These chairs were also shown in the same space.  Dali?

lambrate warehouse

And this bench by ROOMS:

lambrate - wrehouse 2


I also stopped in at 010-020 and saw some smaller scale works:


Woodstock by Jeroen van Leur


New textile collection ISH by Studio Mae Engelgeer:



These Grand cabinets by Mathieu Gustafsson and Niklas Karlssonwere inspired by the detailing of woven rattan and brass clasps seen in vintage handbags, specifically Palmgrens.







Chromosaturation – Carlos Cruz-Diez

Currently showing at London’s Hayward Gallery’s Light Show, Carlos Cruz-Diez’s Chromosaturation is an investigation in color theory. He uses light to stimulate the retinas and by careful juxtapositions, plays with the behavior and perception of color.


Carlos Cruz-Diez’s artistic proposal is based on eight research projects that reveal the myriad ways in which color behaves: Couleur Additive [Additive Color], Physichromie, Induction Chromatique [Chromatic Induction], Chromointerférence, Transchromie, Chromosaturation, Chromoscope, and Couleur dans l’espace [Color in Space].

Cruz-Diez began this study in 1965. The Chromosaturation is an artificial environment composed of three color chambers, one red, one green and one blue that immerse the visitor in a completely monochrome situation. This experience creates disturbances in the retina, accustomed to receive wide range of colors simultaneously. The Chromosaturation can act as a trigger, activating in the viewer the notion of color as a material or physical situation.  In this way, he uses color to create spatial realms.



Peter Pilotto Fall 2013

I bought my first Peter Pilotto dress and it’s become one of my favorite articles of clothing. So many designers have become enamored with patterned fabrics and this idea about mirroring, or symmetry. But what I love about Pilotto is that his primary focus is the structure of the garment and he uses the patterns to reinforce the structure.  So it’s not just about surface.

Above: My dress

Above: Some of my favorite looks from the Fall 2013 collection.

Miami Project 2012

This sculpture reminded me of a one-man-band.


FX Fowle Lounge

FX Fowle structural skin detail

Some poor interns probably spent hours making this


Tony Delap "Exacto the Mystic" at Rena Bransten Gallery

Eric Aho "Summer" at DC Moore Gallery

Rogelio Manzo shown at Jack Fischer Gallery

Rogelio Manzo detail

Alejandro Cartagena

Christopher Taggart "People Looking at People"

Detail "people looking at people"

Comprised from 144 photographs, cut and recombined. The images were all taken from the Empire State building in New York.


Clare Rojas

Pamela Jorden

Allan D'arcangelo

William Swanson

William Swanson



And then there was this….


Los Carpinteros Lego Sculpture at Sean Kelly Gallery

One of the many works on display by Alexander Calder

Calder and Rothko shown together at Helly Nahmad

Two works by Calder

Rothko, Calder and Basquiat

Alessandro Balteo Yazbeck

Antony Gormley at Sean Kelly Gallery

Bart Stolle at Zeno X Gallery

Kirsi Mikkola

Michael DeLucia at Eleven Rivington

Michael DeLucia detail

Michael DeLucia surface texture detail

Luis Tomasello from 1915

Luis Tomasello Detail

Sirous Namazi

Sirous Namazi detail

Stuart Shave gallery

Sarah Crowner at Galerie Nordenhake

Pablo Rasgado

Pablo Rasgado detail

Liam Gillick

Julie Mehretu

John Chamberlain

Felipe Cohen

Liu Wei White Cube

El Anatsui detail

Jon Thompson

Flavio Garciandia


M A R N I Chairs

Marni presents a collection of 100 chairs made in Colombia by ex-prisoners. This Marni venture aims to reinforce the prisoners resettlement into social and working life. All chairs consist of metal structure and multi-colored PVC threads featured on the backs and armrests. A common seat in Colombian local families, re-interpreted by Marni who modified the woven pattern and created new color variations.

The chairs are linked to the “L’Arte del Ritratto” project through a photo exhibition created in collaboration with the photographer and filmmaker Francesco Jodice. His performances are based on works of categorization: the chairs are used as background for a series of portraits of Marni teams from different departments. “L’Arte del Ritratto” is an homage dedicated to them, destined to last in time, which is also accompanied by a video that reports the shooting experience.